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I am a Pilates instructor, young mum and the creator of Drakes Gym TV: Gym on Demand. But a lot happened before I became those things. Let’s go back to the beginning…

The Big Move:

With a passion for fitness, I moved to the UK in 2011 from my home country, Hungary. I spoke very little British English. So ,you can imagine just how challenging this was. Especially, when I began to teach fitness classes such as spin, LBT, Aqua Spin, and Pilates in various gyms across London. Back then, I always took my health and body shape for granted. I didn’t do too much outside of teaching and demonstrating. I felt strong and healthy. So, I didn’t even need to diet. I looked good! And, as I am sure many of you can imagine, I never thought my fit body was going to change. I couldn’t imagine it looking or feeling any different. And I felt almost invincible.

Even though I felt great, I found myself having a continuous curiosity towards fitness. I wanted to know more… This curiosity led to a deeper interest in Pilates and how it effected the anatomy of the body. Before I knew it, the relationship between anatomy and Pilates became my obsession. And, my obsession ushered me into the next chapter of my life at Drakes Gym London.

Drakes Gym:

This little boutique gym, tucked away in Clerkenwell, became a place where I could pursue my passion. For years, I was a resident Reformer Pilates instructor in the gym’s private studio. I was able to build up a strong base of loyal clients. And do what I love.

And speaking of love, Wayne, the amazing man who owns Drakes Gym became my best friend and partner. They always say these things happen when you least expect them, and sometimes in the most uncommon of places. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

As time went on, I became more involved with the business of Drakes Gym. It became almost like a home to me, mostly because it felt like a family.

Drakes Gym is loved by so many locals. All of our clients are friends. A group of kindred spirits connected through the desire to be a better version of ourselves. We have built a strong sense of community, with everyone on a first name basis. We don’t just support each other in fitness but in life. Because everyone knows, life happens!

A gift:

Last year, in 2019, I found out I was pregnant. In the months following, I gained almost a third of my body weight. And my entire body began to change. A little weight gain in pregnancy is obviously expected. But the way I felt after having the baby was a whole different challenge.

After I gave birth to my beautiful little girl, I felt so tired all the time. Nothing functioned the way it used to, and I felt discouraged. (I’m sure many of you who have had children can sympathise.) Even though I had dedicated my whole life to fitness… After pregnancy, it felt like none of that mattered. I was starting at day zero.


After my doctor gave me the OK to exercise again, I was so weak. I couldn’t even lift my chest up from the floor in a supine position. However, I have a lot of appreciation for my body. After all, it gave me a beautiful little girl. But I just didn’t feel myself.

Taking care of my daughter made me feel as if I had no time to do anything. Even when I tried to practice Pilates regularly, it felt much harder than I had ever expected.

But, with the help of my partner, Wayne, who is also a PT, I learned to be patient with myself. It was indeed a physical battle. But the emotional battle was no small feat. I just focused on doing a little bit more than I did the day before. And with this kind of consistency, I was able to build my strength back up.

An Unexpected Opportunity:

As work and life went on, sometimes my Pilates clients were unable to attend sessions due to work commitments. Wanting them to be consistent, I would simply record a quick video of the workout and send it over for them. Basically, gym on demand.

While sending videos felt like a substitution, I would always get incredible feedback on them. And, members would pass them on to others in the Drakes Gym community.

gym on demand video fitness

Well, with the new unprecedented circumstances of Covid-19, my substitution became my solution! There has never been a better time to create gym on demand videos. They give more people a sense of productivity and togetherness through fitness!

So, let’s talk about you. Perhaps you’re struggling to stay motivated during quarantine. Or feel like you need a bit more structure to your fitness routine. Maybe you want to take this extra time to start your fitness journey. I will be uploading a new gym on demand video every week. You’ll smash your fitness goals no matter what level you’re starting at.

These routines are suitable for:

  • everyone

  • any level

  • any background

  • Drakes clients

  • busy professionals

  • busy mums

  • anyone who wants a healthy body

  • anyone looking to get into great shape

  • people looking for a strong core

  • Anyone who needs to improve their posture (working from home? I’m looking at you! x)

So, that’s me in a few chapters. Want to join me on the next few? Just hit this button below!

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